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North Saanich Strata May 27, 2018

Published on May 29, 2018 under GVGT in Action

Invasive Species Month in BC! 

In total, 15 volunteers with the Greater Victoria Green Team contributed a total of 60 volunteer hours removing invasive English Ivy, Daphne, Japanese Honeysuckle and Holly from the forest around the North Saanich Strata! 

Thank-you to all of the amazing people for making a big difference and participating: Ricky, Helena, Conway, Daniel, Dave, Phaedra, Jason, Kai, Maggie, Duncan, Anaelle, Court, Ryan, Chris and Mitchell!

A big thank you North Saanich Strata for supporting community engagement in your area! Also, thank you for feeding us a delicious BBQ. Your funding made it possible for us to engage community AND restore the environment! Thank you!

Our amazing community of eco-heroes!



  • 15 volunteers were engaged and contributed 60 volunteer hours 
  • 12 of the volunteers had never been to this forest before
  • 7 of the volunteers had never removed English Ivy before!
  • We removed 5 cubic metres of invasive plants
  • We revitalized an area measuring approx. 300 square metres
  • This was our third GVGT activity in N. Saanich forest. Read the reports from our previous activities:

Before and After photo


Volunteers in Action 


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