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LMGT in Action

Routley Park Oct 23 2019

Thank you:

Township of Langley (Eric) for partnering with our charity and making this activity possible

Hard working students of Peter Ewart Middle School



  • 31 volunteers contributed 62 hours
  • Removed 1.5 cubic metres of invasive Himalayan and Evergreen Blackberry
  • Locals mentioned how happy they were to see the park being stewarded
  • Peter Ewart Middle students competed to see who got the biggest root crown dug up and it was close! Steel water bottles were the price

What the teacher said about their experience

“Our class had a great day working hard and learning about invasive plants at Routley Park! They were thrilled to look back on their progress and see the significant difference they made in the park. Many students were surprised by how much they enjoyed working hard on this task and learning to use new tools. I would gladly take another class on this trip! Thanks so much”



Ruth Johnson Park Tree Planting Oct 17 2019

Thank you:

City of White Rock (Steve, Vania, Sarah and Kassam)

Laura’s Coffee Corner  (yummy baked goods!!)

The amazing volunteers, many of whom came from Semiahmoo Secondary school (thanks Ryan and Susan for bringing your students out!):

Adiba, Amanda, Anny, Aiden, Austin, Benjamin, Bhavjit, Brian S., Brian G., Celeste, Chris, Dausha, Devon, Diego, Doug, Gail, Gurik, Habeen, Harry, Holly, Illia, Isabel, Jack, Jashan, Jaykob, Josh, Julia, Kai, Kevin, Kohlby, Lai, Lesley, Lexi, Lindsay, Luna, Lyla, Manysha, Marcus, Matthew, Michael, Nate, Nelson,  Nicole, Nikki, Phoebe, Raveen, Riku, Ryan, Sam, Sarah, Scott, Simon, Stanford, Susan, Tatjana, Tiana, Tiya, Wyatt



  • 58 volunteers came out and contributed: 100 hours
  • 36 of the volunteers visited Ruth Johnson Park for the very first time
  • 38 of the volunteers planted trees for the first time
  • 31 of the volunteers removed invasive plants for the first time
  • 300 trees were planted ( Grand Fir, Western Hemlock, Lodgepole Pine, Native Cedar, Douglas Fir, Pacific yew, Spruce and Gary Oak). As they grow over the next decades they will spark growth of other native trees and become a forest for the next generation!
  • Volunteers named some of the trees. Some of the names: picachu, Sam, Nicole-Isabel, Destiny and Steve
  • Semiahmoo Secondary Special Ed program and Grade 10 Science class participated
  • 0.25 cubic metres of invasive blackberry was removed (mostly root crowns!)
  • Lesley did an amazing job running our instagram account
  • Doug, Brian S, Brian G., Tatjana helped lead the activity !
  • White Rock Montessori children came to check out the Semiahmoo Secondary School students planting trees. Future generation of environmental stewards!


What volunteers said

Planting 300 trees is no easy task! It should have a big impact on the local environment.– Brian

I loved naming my little trees! – Tiana



Deer Lake Park Sept 22 2019 – World River Day

World Rivers Day - Deer Lake Park Burnaby

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Thank you:

Amazing Green Team volunteers for coming out in the downpour of rain: Melanie, Adele, Tax King, Eric, Brian, Pat, Bert, Pamela, Suzie, Mila, Leonardo, Ryabn, Jennifer, Holden, Alan and Kathleen


City of Burnaby (Mark S.) and World Rivers Day (Mark Angelo) for partnering with our charity to make this community activity possible!



  • 16 volunteers contributed 43 hours. Great turn out, especially considering the amount of rain
  • 2 cubic meters of invasive plants were removed (largely Blackberry root crowns!)
  • 3 volunteers had never been to Deer Lake Park before
  • 6 volunteers had never removed invasive Blackberry or Ivy before
  • Adele helped sign volunteers in
  • Melanie was our social media volunteer for this event
  • Global News filmed our volunteers in action!
  • Volunteers received West Coast vegetable seeds


Green Team Deer Lake Sept 22 2019 story (videos, more photos) <– CLICK

Deer Lake Park Sept 15 2019

–> CLICK HERE FOR Deer Lake Sept 15 photos  <–

Thank you:

Hard working Green Team volunteers for coming out, despite the weather forecast saying good chance of rain: Doug, Melanie, Rob, Adele, Katarina, Mathieu, Brian, Joshua, Tatjana, Kie, Paul, Jarick, Suzie, Gary, Jason, Allison and her daughter


City of Burnaby (Melinda) for partnering with our charity to make this community activity possible!



  • 17 volunteers contributed  48 hours
  • 3.5 cubic meters of Policeman’s Helmet were removed
  • 2 volunteers had never been to Deer Lake Park before
  • 6 volunteers had never removed invasive Policeman’s Helmet before
  • We came across a really cool looking (and strong) caterpillar
  • We had 8 different locals walking by thank volunteers for their work
  • Volunteers received West Coast vegetable seeds


Green Team Deer Lake Sept 15 2019 story (videos, more photos)

What Green Team volunteers said:

Gets me involved in the community. Makes me more aware of the sensitive nature of our environment and becoming better stewards of our parks and natural resources. – Suzie

I feel the impact of the Lower Mainland Green Team is their ability to get people out into the environmentDiana


Routley Park Sept 14 2019


Thank you:

Township of Langley (Eric) for partnering with our charity to make this community activity possible!

Amazing Green Team volunteers: Cheng, Kate, Doug, Zamezi, Diana, Francis, Ryan, Lindy, Grace, Kimberley, Julie, Jensen, Cassie, Elliott, Bailee, Evalit, Grant, Jack, Sam, a mom and two children



  • 24 volunteers contributed 47 hours
  • 5 cubic meters of invasive plants (morning glory, himalayan blackberry, evergreen blackberry, sumac) were removed
  • 18 volunteers had never been to Routley Park before
  • 8 volunteers had never removed invasive plants before
  • We had a contest for the biggest himalayan blackberry root dug up. Francis won and got a custom Green Team bandana!
  • We were joined by beautiful baby Kameria (she is named after the term “blue moon”)
  • One of the volunteers had a dog called Pippin (Lord of the Rings!)
  • Two girl guide leaders had cool guider names : Rabbit brush and
    Tiger Lily
  • A local came by with his two children and told us we “nailed it”
  • Volunteers received West Coast vegetable seeds

What a Green Team volunteer said:

Always good to make a dent in the invasive species. Community involvement and making the kids work is also good – Jack


Deer Lake July 20, 2019

On July 20, 2019, the Lower Mainland Green Team pulled the invasive Policeman’s Helmet from Deer Lake Park in Burnaby.

This community engagement activity was made possible through partnership with City of Burnaby. Working together is a win for community and biodiversity!

A special thank you to our very own Greater Victoria Green Team Program Manager for co-running this activity. A thank you also goes out to our leaders: Brian, Doug and Victor.

Thank you to all the community members who did such great work removing large swaths of invasive Policeman’s Helmet: Anwarali, Adam, Akber, Al, Alam, Alan, Alvina, Anisha, Anne, Belva, Brian G., Brian J., Dana, Dianne, Doug, Elysha, Froilan Jr, Heather, Homer, Jabeen, Jan, Jeremy, Jun Woo, Karl redrick, Kat, Katarina, Keith, Kim, Layla, Mae, Marvin, Melanie, Michael, Nasira, Romeo, Sadia, Samantha, Sameena, Samuel, Sarah B, Sarah F., Shaheen, Shazeen, Susana, Tatjana, Tiffany, Victor, Yasmin, Max and Olivia


  • 50 community members contributed 140 hours
  • 6 cubic metres of invasive Policeman’s Helmet was removed (some over 6 feet tall!)
  • 28 volunteers had never been to Deer Lake Park before
  • 30 volunteers had never removed invasive Policeman’s Helmet before
  • 3 people rode their bicycles, 1 took transit, 4 walked and there were 3 carpool drivers
  • A group from the Ismaili Centre in Burnaby participated
  • A group from the Church of Christ participated
  • Olivia helped cool volunteers down with a spray of water
  • We ate cookies in the shape of invasive Policeman’s Helmet leaves!
  • Burnaby-Deer Lake MLA Anne Kang joined us!
  • A local business, Shien Japanese Calligraphy, provided steel straws (and a cloth bag and straw cleaner!) to participants. Thank you!
  • We also provided participants with West Coast Seeds


What participants said:

Well organized event on a bright, sunny day. Event was well attended and volunteers were enthusiastic and willing to work. A good opportunity to meet many people of different backgrounds. Great cookies! I believe the main impact is exposing an expanding number of people to the experience of helping with the management of local parks. This helps to develop a sense of community ownership of our parks. It also helps significantly in spreading knowledge of the impact of invasives on local environments. – Victor

Huge turnout and awesome spirit from all. Great event as usual. The kids loved volunteering, which is fantastic. They want to do it again. – Tiffany

I enjoyed the sense of accomplishment – Alvina

The impact of participating was to increase environmental awareness to the public. Also to preserve the natural ecosystems – Jun





Nelson Creek July 7, 2019

On July 7, 2019, Lower Mainland Green Team volunteers rescued the riparian area of Nelson Creek from Himalayan Blackberry! It was extremely hard work digging out the roots – it takes a lot of patience and persistence. Everyone did a fantastic job – it was especially inspiring to see parents and kids working together and rocking it!

This activity was made possible by the City of Coquitlam (Elise, Brad and Caresse). Check out and join their Bad Seed Program. Thank you!

Special thanks to Suzie and Doug, our superstar LMGT volunteer leaders. Thank you for staying to help packing up all the equipment at the end!

Thank you to all the volunteers for their efforts: James, Tatjana, Katarina, Serena, Gail, Yiyue, Danielle, Alicia, Kathy, Betty, Barbara, Tiernan, William, Santana, Benjamin, Brian, Art, Benjamin, Heather, James, Betty, Roham, Wei, Turiga, and Letitzia. You made a difference!


  • 25 volunteers participated and contributed 73 hours
  • We removed a big pile of Himalayan Blackberry crowns, about 11 cubic metres and a few large Himalayan Balsam (Policeman’s Helmet) plants
  • We removed about 40 pounds of garbage – including a lighter and a bunch of old rusted metal
  • We enjoyed the cool day and a little bit of rain to keep us refreshed
  • Parent-child teams worked hard together to make a difference
  • Brian cycled to the event from north Burnaby!

Check out all the event photos by clicking here.

Awesome Volunteers!

Ron Mclean Park June 8th, 2019

The Lower Mainland Green Team organized an invasive plant removal in partnership with the City of Burnaby and the Byrne Creek Stream Keepers Society. We had 39 volunteers participate and managed to remove a big patch of English Ivy Himalayan Blackberry, plus patches of invasive periwinkle and small-flowered-touch-me-not (Impatiens parviflora, which is in the same family as Policeman’s Helmet) ! It was a great end to Environment Week!

Thank-you to everyone for participating:

Carina, Albert, Alexander, Art, Asha, Brian, Catarina, Glenn, Ellie, Brian J, Heather, Jian, Jd, Jarick, Jun Woo , Hailong, Kristen, Brooke, Evan, Kelly, Alvina, Ly, Katarina, Michael, Chanel, Tatjana, Sarah, Sophie, Sasha & Suzie

Byrne Creek Streamkeepers: Joan, Rob, David, Jasmine, Ray, Yumi, Ray, Paul, Frank

City of Burnaby Staff: Mark and Andrew!

Our amazing volunteers, partners and collaborators!

Thank you to our in-kind sponsors for providing thank-you gifts to our volunteers: West Coast Seeds for providing seeds! Also, thank you City of Burnaby for donating Recycled tote bags and sandwich bags!

Thank you very much City of Burnaby and Byrne Creek Stream Keepers Society for partnering with the Lower Mainland Green Team. You have truly recognized the value of collaboration and partnership!


To read Byrne Creek Streamkeepers (Paul’s) blog about this activity click –> HERE


  • 39 volunteers participated and contributed 106 volunteer hours!
  • 20 volunteers had never been to Ron McClean Park before!
  • 14 volunteers had never removed invasive plants before
  • 23 cubic metres of invasive plants was removed
  • Picked up about 20 pounds of garbage, mostly out of Byrne Creek (tires, axel, cans, bottles, a tent, plastic bags, glass)
  • Brian rode his bicycle 45 mins from North Burnaby!
  • At least 10 volunteers took the skytrain
  • Burnaby school students participated
  • We came across banana slugs
  • Ivy shaped sugar cookies were eaten!
  • We had people come from Burnaby, New West, Vancouver, Surrey, Coquitlam and China!

What volunteers said:

The impact of participating was helping the community and the environment. Doing our part to impact where we live! – Alvina

The community was immediately welcoming and supportive, I got a chance to make a positive difference, and the food was great! – Sophie

Before and After Photos:

Our Volunteers in Action!

Nelson Creek May 10, 2019

On May 10, 2019, Lower Mainland Green Team volunteers removed Himalayan Blackberry roots and garbage from the banks of Nelson Creek in Coquitlam. Removing Himalayan Blackberry roots is a big challenge – it took a lot of hard work and persistence to dig the big ones out.


This activity was made possible by the City of Coquitlam (Elise, Brad and Caresse). Check out and join their Bad Seed Program. Thank you!


Special thanks to Doug and Brian our superstar LMGT volunteers. They removed a lot of garbage before the event, and cleaned the shovels and packed up all the equipment at the end. Amazing! 


Thank you to all the volunteers for their efforts: Blessing, Brian, Ceana, Christine, Conrad, Dana, Daniel, Doug, Emma, Emmalee, Evan, Gael, Georgia, Giorgia, Hope, Jacob, Jasmine, Jillian, Julez, Lewis, Lily, Maddy, Matthew, Myrrhanda, Natasha, Nate, Owen, Rhyan, Sam, Shailyn, Shelton, Tanthai, Teresa, Vienna, Yasmine. You made a difference!



  • 35 volunteers participated and contributed 72 hours
  • We removed about 3 cubic metres of Himalayan Blackberry roots. This is a lot of roots! We had a contest to see who could remove the biggest root system. Dana won!
  • We removed 1 garbage bag full of garbage, about 20 pounds. This included a $5 bill (may have ended up in a pocket, not the garbage bag), a hair brush, a knife, a fake apple, and a license plate with a renewal sticker for 1989.
  • Most of the volunteers were from École Maillard Middle School – and they walked to the event from school (about 2 kilometers each way!)
  • Brian cycled to the event from north Burnaby!
  • We broke in some brand new gloves donated by Watson Gloves

Check out all the event photos by clicking here.

Before and After Photos:

Digging revealed some interesting garbage!

Volunteers in Action:

Rocky Point Park, Port Moody, April 27 2019

Lower Mainland Green Team volunteers came out in the sun, cloud, rain, hail and wind and planted native species, and removed invasive English Ivy, Himalayan Blackberry and trash from Rocky Point Park in Port Moody!

Thank-you to everyone who participated: Akinori, Alexander, Anna, Andrew, Angela, Anezcka, Art, Leonid, Valentyna, Oleh, Ganna, Brian J, Britney, Cindy, Emma, Eugene, Florence, Francis, Glenda, Gwynifyre, Jordan, Karissa, Kristina, YuQing, Hunter, Kate, Monica, Susanna and Cllr Megan Lahti

Thank you very much to the City of Port Moody for partnering with the Green Teams. Specifically, thank you to Angela and for recognizing the importance of collaboration and partnership! Your support made it all possible.

Thank you to our in-kind sponsors for providing thank-you gifts to our volunteers: West Coast Seeds for providing veggie and flower seeds!



  • 28 volunteers participated and contributed 80 volunteer hours
  • 10 volunteers had never been to Rocky Point Park
  • 14 of the volunteers had never planted before
  • 11 of the volunteers had never removed invasive plants before
  • We planted 20 native trees
  • We removed 30 cubic metres of English Ivy and Himalayan Blackberry
  • Most volunteers came from Port Moody; however, some volunteers also came from Coquitlam, Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Langley and Anmore!

What participants said about their experience

This program not only educates people on invasive species and environmental issues but brings people who truly care to make a difference together. This program is a way of making people feel like they are able to facilitate change or learn how to. – Maya

The impact is increased awareness of the magnitude of effort required for greenspace maintenance by participants, & signal to those in positions to support, that ‘everyday folks’ care enough to make an effort – Kate

it was a lot of fun and I got to meet some great people. It might make more people aware of what they can do to help the planet! – Emma

Gives me an opportunity to help out the community and become more educated on invasive species and more! – Karissa

The impact is a more natural park. And, helping native plants flourish. – Florence

Before and After photos


Volunteers in Action