Connecting People
to Each Other
and Nature

To improve well-being and inspire environmental action

Our Mission

To connect, build and empower diverse communities through hands-on activities that promote health, well-being and environmental stewardship.

Our Vision

Healthy communities engaged in environmental stewardship.

What we do

We organize outdoor hands-on environmental activities like invasive plant removals, planting of native species, litter clean-ups and more. We raise environmental awareness while connecting people to one another and to nature, all while improving their health and well-being and inspiring environmental stewardship!

Our collaborative spirit

When people see the impact they
can make working together, it leads to
hopefulness and inspires environmental stewardship.

By running community activities side by side
with governmental agencies, land trusts,
educational institutions and businesses with
similar goals, everyone gets much further ahead!

Join the Action

Take care of yourself, your community and the environment by joining one of our Green Teams!

What our community is saying

Green Teams In Action

We had such a great time engaging students from Ms. McEachern’s, Ms. Gustavsson’s, Ms. Sinclair’s, and Ms. Bowen’s classes from Wishart Elementary School! What a fun day we had connecting people to one another and nature, all while restoring habitat! Keep on reading to find impacts, highlights and more from