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UVic Mystic Vale September 14, 2019

Published on September 17, 2019 under GVGT in Action

The Greater Victoria Green Team organized a environmental volunteer activity in UVic’s Mystic Vale Woods with over 20 participants. Lots of UVic students attended, plus local community members!

Thank-you to everyone for participating: Alexandra, Bev, Cassandra, Elizabeth, Hannah, Jackson, Jessica, Josie, Julian Kris, Martin, Michael, Miream, Olivia, Richard, Rory, Sashini, Tracy, Xiangyu, Yan, Yangruirui and Yvan

Thank you very much to the University of Victoria Sustainability and Campus Planning Department for partnering with the Green Teams!

Thank you to our in-kind sponsors for providing thank-you gifts to our volunteers: LUSH for providing Bath Bombs to our volunteers



  • 23 volunteers participated and contributed 83 volunteer hours
  • 14 volunteers had never been to Mystic Vale before!
  • 17 volunteers had never removed English Ivy before!
  • 12 volunteers were UVic students!
  • We removed 7 cubic metres of English Ivy!
  • We cleared an area of habitat approx. 200 square metres
  • Volunteers came from Saanich (6), Victoria (7), Oak Bay, Esquimalt, Highlands, Langford and Mission!

Before and After photos




Volunteers in Action

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