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Rocky Point Park Oct 26 2019

Published on October 27, 2019 under LMGT in Action

Thank you:

City of Port Moody (Angela and social media staff!) for partnering with Green Teams of Canada to make this activity possible!

Lower Mainland Green Team volunteers for removing an incredible amount of invasive English Ivy, English Holly and Himalayam Blackberry:  

Alex, Avery, Bodhi, Brian C. , Brian J., Coralie, Desmond, Diana, Doug, Eng Hwz, Evan, Florence, Francis, Glenda, Hailey, Jasmine, Jim, Julia, Kathleen, Maïlys, Mary, Masa, Matthias, Melanie, Mike, Miles, Monica, Nicole, Paul, Ruby, Victoria, Victoria, William


  • 33 volunteers contributed 104 hours
  • 40 cubic meters of invasive English Ivy, English Holly and Himalayan Blackberry removed
  • Saved dozens of trees from being choked out by English Ivy
  • 7 volunteers visited Rocky Point Park for the first time
  • 18 volunteers removed invasive plants for the first time
  • Students from THREE local schools participated. Heritage Woods Secondary School, Port Moody Secondary and Gleneagle Secondary (TALONs)
  • Many locals thanked us for our hard work, and even asked when we would be back next because they want to join us (we will be back Nov 16!)
  • Melanie, one of our volunteers, created an instagram story for us
  • Jim brought two saws to help us take down invasive Holly trees
  • We ate English Ivy shaped sugar cookies (yum)

Instagram Story

Rocky Point Park 26 Oct 2019 story (videos, more photos)

What volunteers said

“I enjoyed helping the environment and our native plants by removing invasive species. And even though I showed up not knowing anyone, I still had a really good time and met lots of new people. I feel like this program help preserve the beauty of our parks and natural lands. We are protecting native species from being over run by invasives, and preserving the overall diversity of the ecosystem.”  – Alex

“I enjoyed seeing the huge pile of ivy and other plants we had torn out at the end of the day. It was also really fun to hang out with my classmates while doing good. I feel the impact of this program is very important to maintain bio diversity in forests. You help save native species by removing the overpowering invasive ones. This can save many important plants such as trees.” – Hailey

” I enjoyed learning about the invasive species and understand all benefits of what we are doing” – Coralie