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Rocky Point Park Nov 16 2019

Published on November 17, 2019 under LMGT in Action

Thank you

City of Port Moody (Angela). Partnering with our charity made this activity possible and gave community members the opportunity to learn about how climate change impacts local parks and what they can do about it!

Lower Mainland Green Team volunteers:

Alex, Anna, Art, Ashley, Brian J., Brian G., Diana, Doug, Eric, Eunice, Florence, Francis, Glenda, Jesse, Jungyoon , Karen, Kristin, Kste, Michelle, Ophelia, Pamela S., Pam, Suzie and Taegwon

  • 24 volunteers came out in the rain (it rained the whole time!) and contributed 70 hours. What troopers!
  • 15 cubic meters of invasive Himalayan Blackberry, English Ivy and English Holly was removed!
  • 2 frizbees, 3 tennis balls, 5 bottles, several cans and a transformer (more than meets the eye!) was found on the site and removed
  • 7 of the 24 volunteers visited Rocky Point park for the first time
  • 8 volunteers removed invasive plants for the very first time
  • 3 volunteers rode their bicycles to this activity
  • Students from three schools participated: Heritage Woods Secondary, Pine Tree Secondary and Gleneagle
  • We had a who can get the muddiest contest. Congrats on winning that t-shirt Michelle!
  • Yummy home made invasive plant shaped sugar cookies were gobbled up

What Volunteers Said

“This was an invigorating, inclusive , physically challenging at times , extremely well coordinated , welcoming , earth / outdoors connecting , superbly satisfying event !! Can’t wait for the next meet up with Lower Mainland Green Team !!!
Thank you to Lyda and her superb leadership and photography for this event!! Home made cookies for a treat as well !! We were very fortunate to have a truly positive, kind hearted leader !
” – Michelle
“I really enjoyed seeing how much of invasive plants we cleared out and how the native plants and trees “sang” their thank you to all of us awesome volunteers !” – Glenda
I felt like I was making a positive impact in my environment and making it a better place for our native trees and shrubs”– Suzy
I felt the impact of the program was restoring the natural environment ”– Ophelia