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The Greater Victoria Green Team organized a community and environmental activity at Mystic Vale, on Uvic Campus in Saanich. We removed invasive English ivy and English holly. Without intervention, many of the trees and shrubs in this forest would be smothered by the ivy. Thankfully, the GVGT community and years of Uvic Staff involvement prior to our GVGT activities, have been helping to save the native species! A very special thank you to Mike Wilson, Director of the Office of Campus Planning and Sustainability as well as Nancy Shakleford, the Restoration of Natural Systems Director & Assistant Professor.


Thank-you to everyone for participating: Peter, Sophie, Sean, Ann, Annika, Jerry, Nick, Maja, Colin, Dianne, Jennifer, Denise, Nelson and Roy!

Thank-you very much to the Office of Campus Planning and Sustainability for partnering with us and contributing to our Green Team activities and for recognizing the importance of collaboration in community engagement and ecological restoration!

Group Photo!



  • In total 14 volunteers participated and contributed 35 volunteer hours.
  • 8 volunteers were introduced to Mystic Vale, while 5 volunteers had never removed invasive plants before!
  • We removed 9 cubic metres of invasive plants and 10 pounds of garbage!
  • A local resident, Colin, shared his experiences removing invasive species in his backyard which flanks Mystic Vale.
  • We saw a Pileated wood pecker!
  • Check out the other GVGT activities from Mystic Vale:

Before and After


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