I have been involved in gardening and taking care of animals since I was a child. Finding and joining the Greater Victoria Green Team gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and skills regarding plants, to make a positive impact in the environment and to be a role model for others to follow in the steps of the GVGT in taking care of the planet. I enjoy volunteer work, nature and helping species-at-risk. Every activity the team does is very exciting to be a part of.The most activity I like other than saving species-at-risk is to clean up beaches, I like doing that for many reasons some of them are: we honor the earth by cleaning it, take away all the small pieces of plastic, thread, glass, etc… to prevent fish, birds and other creatures from swallowing them which causes death.My thoughts and hopes are for more human beings to think of their everyday activities (e.g. plastic waste, car exhaust, paper usage…etc) and how they impact on the environment and for more individuals to be involved in protecting endangered species. In the end, humans are responsible for keeping the planet balanced and good for all species to live in peacefully. This way, hopefully, we will all someday have a planet less polluted, greener and happier!