Hello, this is Conway reporting in. I’m 33 years old, and have “the knack” for all things electrical and mechanical. I was built from the bones of the world’s greatest scientists and engineers, but was never designed to be human. When not working or disciplining my renters for leaving all the cupboards doors open, again, I can sometimes be found playing volleyball or pulling plants out of the ground.My hobbies are some of the more difficult video games, building things, and creating solutions to problems which don’t exist. I volunteer with Amanda’s Greater Victoria Green Team for a few reasons. In no particular order: 1) The snacks and swag; 2) Getting to contribute to something positive outdoors; 3) The cats. All production ceases when a neighbor cat comes to say hi; 4) It’s a great venue to meet new people; 5) I can use the root puller to take down invasive trees.