As a new arrival from Calgary, the GVGT gives me an opportunity to combine my belief in the importance of natural places in our lives and well-being with working with others who share these values. The GVGT allows me to visit a wide variety of local parks and natural spaces. No project is the same thing twice and the variety gives me a chance to learn new skills. One week, we may be removing tiny bits of Styrofoam from a local beach to protect ocean fish. The next week, we are cutting black berry canes to create natural barriers to humans as well as to provide food and shelter for a variety of animals and plants. It is so rewarding to arrive at a meadow covered with ivy and leave a few hours later with the invader removed and replaced by newly planted Garry Oaks.I am thrilled that the Green Team receives funding from the business community, e.g. Telus and hope that more companies as well as governments realize that putting money into our green spaces is not a cost but an investment for the future.