I joined the LMGT for camaraderie in the outdoors and to be involved with plants and trees since I don’t have a garden at home. Since becoming a volunteer, I realize that one person alone can make a huge difference on the environment and collectively we can make an enormous amount of change. As a leader I look forward to learning how to engage volunteers and boost enthusiasm for our very important work.Every day individuals, no matter their age, are connecting with nature and the environment and my wish is to see those numbers increasing as well as the awareness of our impact on the earth. I hope local government will make siginificant steps in the short term towards increased sustainability, protection of our farms and utilizing eco-friendly alternatives that will make a tremendous difference in the long term. We have to protect what can so easily and so quickly be lost. I grew up in a small coastal BC town enjoying all the opportunities that nature had to offer and having lived in the big city for over 14 years now, I haven’t lost that connection.