I joined the LMGT to be able to first get a chance to be outdoors and learn about this beautiful city that I live in and have yet so much to discover about. It’s given me a chance to visit the various parks in the lower mainland that I would never have been to before and learn about the ecosystem and about conservation. It also teaches me about what the invasive plants can do to the environment. I get to do a lot of hands-on work and it feels good seeing all the bags full of greenery the group has work on. I also get to learn about the local food production and learn about preparing and harvesting vegetable beds. Where these go to and how it supports the community. I have 2 teenagers who join me whenever I have the opportunity to volunteer and it teaches them about working as a team, habitat restoration skills, the ecosystem and plus it gives them the volunteer hours.I hope in the future that people will become more aware and caring of their environment and having groups like LMGT will make it more fun and at the same time meet new people.