I am a first-year Fish, Wildlife, and Recreation student at BCIT and an avid outdoors person. I first joined the Lower Mainland Green Team in the spring of 2012 after moving back from Victoria. My reason for joining was to get involved in local restoration activities and to meet like-minded people that are passionate about the restoration and conservation of our communities’ wild spaces. As a Lower Mainland Green Team leader, I am hoping to develop my presentation and leadership skills while sharing and expanding my knowledge of invasive and native plants that I have learned both from this organization and my post secondary education. I hope for the future that more and more people become reconnected with the natural world and begin to acknowledge their roles as stewards of the environment. In my opinion, the Lower Mainland Green Team has been an awesome tool for spreading this kind of awareness and for providing a fun, meaningful sense of community for everyone involved. I’m looking forward to seeing new and familiar faces out there this spring and summer!