I joined Greater Victoria’s Green Team as a newcomer to Victoria and the west coast. I love the outdoors and have a keen interest in the environment and being part of a larger community of environmental enthusiasts. Through the GVGT, I have had the opportunity to meet great people and get to know so much about Victoria’s ecosystems. It has also helped me get to know so many of the beautiful places in and surrounding Victoria.The Green Team instills such a strong sense of comradery through very humbling and informative work. Getting outside and working with communities in restoration and other projects, helps to bridge the gap between people and the natural environment. This is very much a field that I hope to work in one day and the Green Team has helped me gain invaluable experience.Organizations like Green Team that engage community members in environmental work, help people become more aware and educated about the natural world we live in, all the while instilling a fun and social experience. I hope for a more socialized approach to environmental issues. Where an openness to teach and learn from each other, while working outdoors will help promote a greater sense of gratitude for our natural environment. Hard work; Humble attitude; Helping hands.