I joined the Greater Victoria Green Team in March. I appreciate the opportunity to join this wonderful team as a volunteer. This team has given me tons of knowledge about the environment and also about Canadian nature. I am so glad to meet new friends here and likewise co-operate with each other with a smile.After participating in this team, certainly my mind was changed; I tend to look for plants and wild nature: weeds, invasive species, Canadian native plants etc. It has been a good opportunity to learn about our earth and experience these events. What can we do for the earth? We are able to participate in the Greater Victoria Green Team and help to restore our local environment.In the future, I hope that people are more interested in the environment, face the problems and do something about them. It is not only large things but also we are able to discover small things around you. Moreover I hope that people can be more warm and gentle-hearted by getting in touch with nature. I love nature and connecting with people from the all over the world. I love ”Green Team”!!