Green Teams Canada logo of colourful tree and name of organization

How We’re Different

First environmental charity in Canada founded on

We started off with just a vision and spunk!

Infuse volunteers into existing stewardship programs and groups, adding capacity

We believe in the power of working collaboratively with those who are like-minded. 

Organize activities during school hours to provide experiential education

We engage youth and at-risk youth in outdoor learning. We have relationships with 60 schools in Metro Vancouver and Greater Victoria.

Provide environmentally friendlier and socially conscious products to our volunteers

We recognize volunteers for their hard work and at the same time encourage responsible environmental consumerism.

Have no borders

We run activities in municipal, regional and provincial parks. So far we have organized activities in 125 parks. 70 in Metro Vancouver and 55 parks in Greater Victoria.

Focus on providing a high quality fun experience for our volunteers

We provide great snacks (e.g. home made baked cookies, Clif bars, fruits, vegetables) and drinks (e.g. juices, sugarless soda). We occasionally play games (like who can dig up the heaviest Himalayan Blackberry root). We provide clean good quality gloves and tools.

Make it very easy for volunteers to sign up and participate

All one has to do to participate is go to either the Lower Mainland Green Team or Greater Victoria Green Team and click on a red button on the top right that says “join us”, then input a handle, an email address and a password and then RSVP on upcoming activities.

Love to share the amazing work the volunteers do

we post a write-up after every single activity online showing before and after photos and post 50-150 photos of volunteers in action! Want to check the write-ups and photos? For the Lower Mainland Green Team click HERE . For the Greater Victoria Green Team click HERE.

Spread the word about our activities very effectively!

We have been covered in media outlets over 60 times. To check out some of our coverage please click HERE.