Make an Impact, Donate Today!


Thank you for all that you do. Volunteers are the heart and soul of Canada, deeply rooted in community and concerned and active on issues that matter David Suzuki


All the best. Good Luck to the Lower Mainland Green Team – Farley Mowat


If not for the Lower Mainland Green Team, I would be inside on my smartphone or laptop wasting away time. Working with this group empowers me to make a difference!   – Gurjiv Dhami, Lower Mainland Green Team volunteer


That students stares at the board in class and does not learn. He has completely transfored and is engaged in this outdoor learning experience. He’s even showing off the trees he’s planted to peers                                                                                                                           – Teacher ACCESS Alternative Program at West Vancouver Secondary School


Great group! It lets you make a real difference to the local environment in easy bite-size activities                                                              Rhonda Hyslop, Lower Mainland Green Team volunteer


I was impressed with the diversity of the group: young and old, local and from afar                                                                                            –  Don DeVoretz, Lower Mainland Green Team volunteer


Meeting the many people and other groups caring for our environment, the sharing of information, a real feeling of community with other volunteers truly adds to the quality of life – Helena Mota, Greater Victoria Green Team volunteer


The Greater Victoria Green Team forming in our region is one of the most significant environmental incentives our region has seen lately  – Gary Neilson, Friends of Havenwood Park


Lots of nice people who like to go out and get their hands dirty!                                                                                                                               – Charlotte Adamson, Lower Mainland Green Team volunteer


It was a terrific experience for me and my students. I hope there will be more events aimed at increasing Youth participation                – John Sarte, Teacher