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About Us

Our Mission

To connect, build and empower diverse communities through hands-on activities that promote health, well-being and environmental stewardship

Our Vision

Healthy communities engaged in environmental stewardship

Our Program Objectives

We support communities to:

  • Develop a sense of belonging to community and place
  • Connect to nature
  • Realize they have the power to make a difference
  • Learn about local environmental issues and actions they can take
  • Enhance their ability to work as a team and lead
  • Connect people to one another and create community
  • Join existing environmental programs and groups


  • Identifying and removing invasive plants
  • Planting native plant species
  • Picking up litter
  • Preparing vegetable beds
  • Harvest vegetables

We are planning to create new programs and activities

Geographic Area Served

Metro Vancouver and Greater Victoria. In the future we plan to create green teams in other urban areas in BC and across Canada.


We welcome people of all ages and backgrounds to participate in our activities. We have however tapped into the demographic aged 12-30, especially youth and at-risk youth

Background and Context

As we become more urbanized and increase our screen time, we spend less time in nature. Without that connection to nature, people fail to see how important it is to their lives and lose interest in protecting it. The Lower Mainland Green Team was founded in 2011 on the social media site, it inspired the creation of the charity Green Teams of Canada. In 2014 the Greater Victoria Green Team was created. From our humble beginning with little more than a laptop and a passion for the environment, we have grown to become the largest environmental volunteer group in British Columbia.

YouTube video
YouTube video