Esquimalt Gorge Park August 25, 2020

The Greater Victoria Green Team organized an activity in collaboration with the Township of Esquimalt at Gorge Park. We worked at removing invasive grasses from the new pollinator garden as well as removing ivy from around the base of trees in the pine forest. The pollinator garden is being developed by the Gorge Waterway Nature House and Action Society.


Thank-you to everyone for participating: Aaron, Allison, Andre, Bao, Barbara, Cory, Dante, Julie-anne, Isabella, Loichi, Nicole, Mathew, Quincheng (Daisy), Richard, Reyna, Sandy, Stephanie, Taylor, Thaiss and Tina.

Thank-you very much the Township of Esquimalt for contributing to the GVGT activities and for recognizing the importance of collaboration in community engagement and ecological restoration!

Group Photos (1st and 2nd sessions)!

Photo Albums from the day are found here: 1ST SESSION and 2ND SESSION


  • In total 22 volunteers participated and contributed 40 volunteer hours
  • We removed 3 cubic metres of invasive plants from an area measuring approximately 100 square metres!
  • 7 people had never been to Esquimalt Gorge Park before!
  • 14 had never removed invasive grasses before!
  • Thank you to our in-kind sponsors who donated thank you gifts to our community: EarthRated dog poop bags, Green Beaver chap stick, HoneyCandles birthday candles, and West Coast Seeds

Participant Quotes

The connections forged, between people, between people and place, between personal and social goods, all make this program unique in Victoria.

This program is important to me because I really care about the environment and ecological restoration

I really enjoyed seeing everyone as well as more new faces in this volunteer session and just being outside!

Before and After

1st Session (pollinator garden)

2nd Session (Ivy Pull)

Volunteers in Action

1st Session

2nd Session

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