Hunter Park April 21, 2018

In honour of Earth Weekend, on April 21st the Lower Mainland Green Team volunteers planted 658 native trees and shrubs at Hunter Park in Langley! volunteers also mulched the garden bed to ensure that the newly planted greenery has the best chance of survival.


This activity was made possible by City of Langley (Thank you Leah and Geoff!)


Thanks to all 60 volunteers for planting 658 native plants and trees. Here are just some of the names of our participants: Diana, Esther, Lisa, Mike, Brian, Gayle, Graham, Ted, Paul, Val, Terri, Dylan, Nadine, Shawn, Vincent, Maddy, Sierra, Rachael, Daniel, Erica, Kim, Chad, Anna, Jerold, Tina, Mia, Tina, Hannah, Sharon, Gloria, Don, Serrat, Jenna, Rosetta, Keith, Tanner, Rosemary, Kent, Dasha and Joshua 

LMGT Volunteers at Hunter Park

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  • In total 60 volunteer participated and contributed 105 hours
  • The Langley City mayor, along with municipal councillors, came out to plant and participate in the fun alongside community members!
  • The Langley City Youth Advisory Committee made park users and our volunteers yummy pancakes and provided Krispy Kreme donuts for cash donation in support of Youth week!
  • We listened to awesome music by Jessica Barbour. One of the songs she played was Big Yellow Taxi to commemorate Earth Weekend
  • The event coincided with the official re-opening of Hunter Park
  • We planted 658 native trees, shrubs, and plants including Western Red Cedar, Yellow Cedar, Oregon grape, Vine Maple, Red Huckleberry, Saskatoon Berry, Ocean Spray, Goldenwood Dogwood, Red Osier Dogwood, Bitter Cherry, Elderberry, Ninebark, Evergreen Huckleberry, False Huckleberry, Indian Plum, Sword Fern, Deer Fern and Salal 
  • One volunteer, Brian, rode his bicycle to the event from Burnaby (2.5 hours one way!!)
  • We LOVED seeing a mom and dad planting while their baby slept in a basket next to them
  • Mike and Lisa, who live right across from Hunter Park got their wheelbarrow to help us spread mulch even faster. And Mike taught our volunteers the avalanche method of filling up the wheel barrows faster
  • We noticed there were some invasive plants (Ivy, lamium, blackberry) growing along a fence on private properly next to our newly planted native plants and trees and Mike, who lives there promised to make sure to remove the invasive plants and keep them from coming over the fence and outcompeting with the native species! 


Langley Advance and Langley Times coverage

Langley’s Hunter Park comes back to life – Langley Advance, April 21, 2018, Matthew Claxton

After the trees fell, Hunter Park reopens in Langley City – Langley Times, April 21, 2018, Dan Ferguson


Quotes from volunteers who participated

I really enjoyed helping the community with a community – Maddy Daulby


I think the Green Team has a really positive impact both on the parks in the Lower Mainland as well as the well-being and happiness of the volunteers – Hannah Zemp


I loved planting the native plants to help restore Hunter Park and seeing the group work so well together – Terri Van Sleuwen








Volunteers in Action 


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