Knockan Hill Park November 4, 2018

The Greater Victoria Green Team with funding support from the Town of View Royal and Canada Post Foundation, organized  19 GVGT volunteers (25 in total) at Knockan Hill Park! We removed invasive Daphne, plus took ivy off of trees and Chris cut down a large Holly Tree! 

Thank-you so much to everyone who participated: Alisa, Andre, Andrew, Barbara, Cathie, Chloe, Della, Elijah, Hang, Jackie, Janice, Jesse, Langqing, Laura, Lee, Linh, Miaoju, Olive, Sharmon, Sharon, Shuyao, Simin, Stu, and Zhiyuan

Thank you to Volunteer View Royal and the Friends of Knockan Hill Park for hosting us and all of the work you do in restoring Knockan Hill Park (and other View Royal Parks)! If you want to join the Friends of Knockan Hill Park at future volunteer activities, please check out their webpage here:

Thank you to our in-kind sponsors for providing thank you gifts to our volunteers: LUSH Cosmetics for providing great bath items, EarthRated for providing dog poop bags, Camino Chocolate for providing chocolate and hot chocolate. Plus our granola bars were donated by the awesome Nature’s Path


Amazing Team of Eco-heroes!




  • 25 volunteers participated including 19 GVGT volunteers and contributed 73 volunteer hours (58 GVGT hours)
  • 14 of the volunteers were introduced to removing Daphne 
  • 18 of the volunteers were introduced to Knockan Hill Park
  • We removed approximately 12 cubic metres of invasive plants mainly Daphne!


What volunteers had to say


“This program is able to recruit a large number of volunteers and to get a lot of work done in a short period of time. It engages people that want [to] spend time outside and support parks.”

“Brings people together in the communities within [Greater] Victoria and offers an opportunity for people to try out eco-restoration and learn techniques.”

“We at Friends of Knockan Park are very grateful for the support from the Green Team in tackling invasive species in Knockan Hill Park. The work we accomplished was amazing. The volunteers were wonderful, enjoyed working with everyone. Working to improve the park is so much better with partnering with the Green Team. We could never have accomplished as much as we did in 4 hours.”


Before and After photos











Volunteers in Action

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