Knockan Hill Park September 29, 2019

The Greater Victoria Green Team with support from the Town of View Royal and Volunteer View Royal co-organized an invasive plant removal volunteer event in Knockan Hill Park!

Thank-you to everyone for participating: Ahnaf, Alyssa, Bob, Chris, Christina, Connie, Deanna, Doris, Emily, Evie, Helena, Henry, Jaxon, Jo, Joan, John, Laura, Rayne, Samuel, Sharon, Simon, Siobhan, Spence, Stephanie, Steve and Yashar.

Thank you very much to the Town of View Royal for partnering with the Green Teams and supporting efforts to engage community in the care of local habitat! Thank you very much to Chris Junck for helping coordinate restoration efforts in View Royal!

Find out about other Habitat Volunteer Activities in View Royal by clicking the link.

Thank you to our in-kind sponsors for providing thank-you gifts to our volunteers: LUSH Cosmetics, and Earth Rated dog poop bags!



  • 26 volunteers participated and contributed 72 volunteer hours!
  • 13 volunteers had never been to Knockan Hill Park before!
  • 12 volunteers had never removed Daphne before!
  • We removed 12 cubic metres of invasive plants like Daphne and Blackberry.
  • The majority of the volunteers came from Saanich (12), and the rest came from Victoria (6), View Royal (3), Esquimalt (2), Oakbay (2) and 1 from Lanford.

What people said about their experience

As a founding member of Friends of Knockan Hill Park Society, I have organised many invasive species removal is, and we have only been able to get a few people. So this was amazing to see so many people working to preserve this beautiful sanctuary. It is really a tribute to the Green Teams Organisation. Thank you so much!

I felt it was a lot of fun! Hard work definitely, but it was rewarding to see the progress made.

Before and After photos




Volunteers in Action

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