Lillian Hoffar Park November 24, 2018

The Greater Victoria Green Team and Friends of North Saanich Parks removed invasive English Ivy, dug up Himalayan Blackberry and planted native shrubs and trees including Nootka Rose, Grand-fir and Douglas-fir! 

Thank you so much to the Friends of North Saanich, especially Ashlee and Sharon, for hosting us and for all the amazing work you do restoring North Saanich green spaces!

Thank-you so much to everyone who participated: Alice, Amanda, Begum, Jesse, Joan Sommer, Joan Strasbourg, Juanne, Lin Lin, Mark, Melissa, Miaoju, Paul, Rheona, Roger and Shaye!

Thank you to the District of North Saanich and North Saanich Parks for helping to make this activity possible! A special thanks to Jim and Aaron and the North Saanich Mayor and Council! 

Thank you to our in-kind sponsors for providing thank you gifts to our volunteers: LUSH Cosmetics for providing great bath items, Camino Chocolate for providing chocolate. Plus our granola bars were donated by the awesome Nature’s Path

Thank you so much to Begum, Shaye and Paul from TELUS North Saanich for participating! Their participation is part of a campaign over November and December to raise funds through their cause marketing campaign for the GVGT’s work in North Saanich Parks! THANK YOU!

Our awesome group of volunteers!





  • 17 volunteers participated (including 15 GVGT volunteers), and contributed 49 volunteer hours
  • 6 of the volunteers were introduced to removing English Ivy!
  • 12 volunteers had never been to Lillian Hoffar Park before
  • We planted over 10 native trees and shrubs including Nootka Rose, Grand-fir and Douglas-fir.  
  • We removed about 5 cubic metres of English Ivy and Himalayan Blackberry
  • 1 volunteered biked from Saanich, while 3 bussed, and a few carpooled!
  • 6 volunteers came from North Saanich or Sidney (the nearby municipality!)
  • 3 volunteers were there from the local TELUS in North Saanich! Find out more about TELUS in North Saanich HERE


Before and After photos






Volunteers in Action


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