Maltby Lake May 5, 2018

Invasive Species Month in BC! 

As part of Invasive Species Month, the Greater Victoria Green Team and The Land Conservancy of BC once again joined forces to remove patches of invasive broom and blackberry from around the pristine Maltby Lake in Saanich!

A big thank you to the The Land Conservancy of BC for supporting our Green Team activities on your managed lands! The funding made it possible to organize this activity, and other Green Team activities on TLC lands this year!! Great work to both Torrey and Karen, TLC Staff, for helping coordinate the efforts!

Thanks to all GVGT volunteers for making a big difference: Court, Conway, David and David (cousins), Derek, Emma, Helena, Kai, Liz, Mike, Monica, Raahil, Ryan, Sarah, Sarissa, Terra, Yolana and Zack!

If you are interested in connecting with the Friends of Maltby Lake Watershed Society, email them at: or check them on FACEBOOK HERE

To find out more about The Land Conservancy of BC head to their WEBSITE HERE, and LIKE THEM ON FACEBOOK HERE


Our amazing community of eco-heroes!





  • 16 GVGT volunteers (18 volunteers, plus 3 staff in total) contributed 65 GVGT hours (72.5 in total) 
  • 15 of the GVGT volunteers (94%) had never been to Maltby Lake  before
  • 3 of the volunteers had never removed Scotch Broom before!
  • We removed 23 cubic metres of invasive plants!
  • We revitalized an area measuring approx. 500 square metres
  • We discovered that some of the largest Douglas-fir trees in the CRD are found around Maltby Lake. One of them is 600 years old!!
  • This is our 3rd time at Maltby Lake. Here are the past GVGT reports: 


Before and After photo



Volunteers in Action 





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