Matson Conservation Area with Habitat Acquisition Trust October 25th, 2020

On Sunday, October 25th the Greater Victoria Green Team joined forces with Habitat Acquisition Trust gathered at Matson Conservation Area to remove invasive Himalayan Blackberry and English Ivy threatening the area. Our efforts were led by Habitat Acquisition Trust’s Habitat Management Coordinator Wendy Tyrrell and Conservation Technician Sara Lax. Together, our two groups united 30 volunteers who removed 10 cubic metres of biomass.


Thank you to our volunteers: Sydnie, Anna, Audrey, Ayako, Carilia, Denis, Eric, Karen, Robyn, Josiah, Grace, Gaalad, Rika, Marjorie, Jemma, Jo, Julie, Katherine, Kevyn, Liana, Mackenzie, Matthew, Cathie, Nick, Myriam, Pat, Richard, Tyson, Valarie, and Zenen.

Thank you to Habitat Acquisition Trust (& a big thank you to Wendy and Sara) for supporting the Greater Victoria Green Team and for facilitating this incredible opportunity for community members to be apart of!

View a Photo Album from the day here

Group Photos


  • In total 30 GVGT and HAT volunteers came out to remove 10 cubic metres of invasive plant matter.
  • 25 people were introduced to Matson Conservation Area and 4 people had never removed invasive species!
  • Volunteers reported feeling welcomed and appreciated as well as safe and left feeling accomplished.

Participant Quotes

I really enjoyed volunteering with so many passionate people! By seeing so many people come together to make a difference, it made me feel motivated and excited to be a part of that. I had a lot of fun today and I can’t wait to volunteer again soon!

This program allows people to come together and make a difference in our world. It brings a feeling of community, teamwork, and care for the environment. By being surrounded by so many passionate people, I feel motivated and excited to help be a part of the change that we are creating. This program makes me feel like I am a part of something amazing, and allows me to connect with our beautiful world as well as a group of some really wonderful people.

Good to see young people out volunteering their busy time. (We retirees have no excuse!)

I enjoyed the fantastic attitude of everyone involved, a real sense of purpose. This program helps the community see that they can make an impact.

Before and After

Volunteers in Action


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