Nymph Point Park October 17th, 2020

The Greater Victoria Green Team headed to Nymph Point Park in North Saanich today to continue our work pulling Hedera Helix or, as it is more commonly known as, English Ivy. We also found ourselves waist deep in Himalayan Blackberry and Daphne. Removing invasive species is important work because it helps protect local ecology and encourages biodiversity. We are incredibly thankful for our volunteers and for the opportunity to do this important work.


Thank you to all our new volunteers: Claire, Melissa, Sean, Ariel, Non, Ralph, and Sara. And a big thank you to our dedicated volunteers who return time and time again: Tiago, Finola, Suzanna, and Lily! Your work makes a huge difference in what we are able to accomplish as a community. Thank you.

Thank you to North Saanich for continuing to support and contribute to GVGT programs. Environmental stewardship is a collaborative effort and we depend on your support to further our mission. 

A Photo Albums from the day are found here: 1st Session & 2nd Session!

Group Photos!


  • In total 12 GVGT volunteers came out to help remove invasive species, totalling more than 24 hours!
  • 4 cubic metres of invasive plant matter was removed from an area of 100 square metres! Wow.
  • 12 people were introduced to Nymph Point Park and 4 people had never pulled English Ivy, Himalayan Blackberry or Daphne!
  • Volunteers reported feeling welcomed and appreciated as well as safe and left feeling accomplished.
  • Thank you to our in-kind sponsors who donated thank you gifts to our community: EarthRated dog poop bags, tea lights from Honey Candles, Lush hard perfume and West Coast Seeds.

Participant Quotes

This program contributes to significant and continued change to the local environment by volunteers… It also puts pressure on politicians and professional organizations to achieve more than just “commitments” and “plans”. Seeing what volunteer enthusiasm and energy can do raises questions that funding agencies and other bodies are forced to respond to!

I enjoyed the mixture of outdoor physical activity, the achievement of something both tangible and worthwhile, and the friendly volunteering environment. Oh, and finding a 100-year-old firebrick made in Scotland…

Everyone was lovely and the event was lots of fun. 10/10 would volunteer again!

Before and After

The Heap!

Volunteers in Action


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