Quarry Park November 2, 2019

The Greater Victoria Green Team organized an invasive plant removal activity in Quarry Park, North Saanich! We ended up removing some of the last areas of ivy from the park! We also got to plant a commemorative tree to celebrate the occasion and add more diversity to the park!


Thank-you to everyone for participating: Anne and Richard, Anne Z, Brandy and her kids, Dawn, Deanna, Eliska, Helena, Jan, Jarrett and his family Touria, Amir, Sammi and Sara, Jennifer, JF and his family Fiona and Sebastian, Nancy, Olivia, Petr, Riley, Robert, Robyn and her kids Grace and Josiah, Ryan, Stephanie and Zitian!

Thank-you very much to the District of North Saanich for funding this activity and making it possible for us to engage community, including youth, in the care of your parks!



  • In total, 32 volunteers participated and contributed 79 hours!
  • We removed 8 cubic metres English Ivy from an area measuring approximately 200 square metres
  • We planted 1 native Douglas-fir tree too!
  • We introduced 17 people to Quarry Park, while 9 were introduced to removing invasive ivy.
  • Volunteers came from the following municipalities: 4 from N. Saanich, 5 from Victoria, 6 from Sooke, 3 Colwood, 2 Oak Bay, 2 Saanich, 2 Sidney

What volunteers shared about their experience

The Green Team accomplishes specific event goals. It also reaches out to people throughout Greater Victoria. Often, foreign students or visitors attend, and it’s not only a great experience for them, but for those who live in Victoria get to meet other people. People of all ages and backgrounds come together and get to experience a landscape restoration event/project which is in itself rewarding.

Huge! Huge for the community parks, peoples enjoyment of it. And huge in other ways too.. teaching work ethic, building a community of like minded people, providing opportunities for us to learn from each others expertise. My 3rd time out and I am quite happy.

This program has lasting benefits for the community, environment and for making a difference even possibly globally. I felt as though we were saving not just the forested area we were working but also contributing to peoples well being. I could see this as a global movement.

Before and After photos



Volunteers in Action

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