Rathdown Park, Sidney November 14th, 2020

On Saturday November 14th the Greater Victoria Green Team joined forces with the Township of Sidney to plant native trees for Sidney’s annual tree appreciation day. The tree species included Western Hemlock, Western Red Cedar, Coastal Douglas-fir, Eddies White Wonder Dogwood and Pacific Sunset Maple. The ground was exceptionally wet making the planting more difficult than expected but our volunteers met the task with fervour and planted all the trees with time to spare!


Thank you to our volunteers: Aaron, Carmina, Ayako, Ariel, Clint, Curtis, Deandra, Rika, Ikhlass, Isabel, Julian, Lynda, Oscar, Richard, Sonja, Tiago, Chloe, Zenen, and Roger.

A big thank you to Parks Supervisor Cliff Halliday, Arborist Mike Prior, Planning Technician Kevin Webber and Mayor Cliff McNeil-Smith for your support and help organizing and facilitating. The GVGT hopes to work more with the Town of Sidney in 2021 – barring further COVID restrictions!

A Photo Album from the day are found here!

Group Photo


  • Mayor Cliff McNeil-Smith kicked off the event with a ceremonial planting
  • In total 21 GVGT volunteers came out to tree plant!
  • Together we planted more than 30 trees, totalling more than 58 volunteer hours!
  • Volunteers enjoyed baked good from Sidney Bakery


I enjoyed planting trees and sharing the experience with great people knowing that you’re making a difference. This program helps the environment, makes green spaces more beautiful, helps (at least a little bit) to combat climate change, and gets people together to help make a difference.

This program clearly benefits the neighbourhood and the environment. Neighbours were getting involved and coming to check out what was happening, so I feel that it definitely builds community. And planting trees is literally never a bad thing!

It is important to highlight the many layers of impact that derive from this program. Many members participate frequently and find great reward in experiencing a wide variety of parks and wild areas, but others only come to support work in their own backyard. Both take away a renewed sense of participation and purpose. The high-quality organization and work provided by GT builds trust and support across the region, and encourage renewed commitment to ecological fidelity and repair. So many times I’ve heard mayors, city council members, and local organizers sing the praises of GT and the trust they have for our events.

The good work is contagious, and the good will is transformative. Greet Team is a gift to the entire Greater Victoria Metro Area. Thank you.

Volunteers in Action


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