Robin Hill Park August 2, 2020

The Greater Victoria Green Team organized a GVGT volunteer activity in collaboration with View Royal at Robin Hill Park. The habitat in this park is considered a rare habitat containing an assemblage of Garry Oak, Arbutus and Dull-Oregon Grape native species! We worked hard to remove Himalayan Blackberry that was crowding out the habitat in this park!


Thank-you to everyone for participating: Aaron, Brendan, Christina, Dante, Helena, Jennifer, Julian, Keinen, Kevin, Kristin, Mathew, Meghan, Galaad, Daisy, Raven, Richard, Robyn (and Grace and Josiah!), Simon, Storm and Tiara. Big thanks to Chris Junck for helping coordinate the activity!

If you are interested in joining the volunteer efforts in View Royal, please email Chris Junck at

Thank-you very much the Town of View Royal for partnering with the Green Tams and contributing to our activities in your municipality and for recognizing the importance of collaboration in community engagement and ecological restoration!

Group Photos (1st and 2nd sessions)!

Photo Albums from the day are found here: 1ST SESSION and 2ND SESSION


  • In total 23 volunteers participated and contributed 41 volunteer hours
  • We removed 8 cubic metres of invasive plants from an area measuring approximately 200 square metres!
  • 22 people had never been to Robin Hill park before!
  • 9 had never removed invasive Himalayan Blackberry before!
  • Thank you to our in-kind sponsors who donated thank you gifts to our community: EarthRated dog poop bags, Green Beaver chap stick, HoneyCandles birthday candles, and West Coast Seeds

Before and After

Volunteers in Action

1st Session

2nd Session

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