Robin Hill Park, May 24th, 2021

On May 24th, 2021 the Greater Victoria Green Team joined forces with the Town of View Royal and welcomed community members to remove invasive bur chervil and daphne seedlings. Volunteers broke up into groups led by Chris Junck View Royal’s Habitat Restoration Project Coordinator to help maintain physical distancing and target different problem areas in the park. We worked diligently, despite the poor weather, and ended the day with a spring in our step knowing we had contributed to restoring the park.


A big thank you to Richard, Iris, Terry, Hong, Cassandra, Jacqui, Rosanna, Meika, Tyson, Katie, Guy, Chloe, and Celeste for your hard work and Chris Junck for your direction and facilitation!  

A Photo Album from the day is found here!

Group Photo


  • GVGT’s new Program Manager Cassandra Buunk joined us to shadow her second event and meet more of our volunteers and partners!
  • We removed over 2 cubic metres of invasive plants, clearing an area of 300 meters and totalling 27 volunteer hours! 
  • More than 13 people were introduced to the park and 3 had never removed invasive plants before! 


  • Restoring natural systems is imperative for a healthy ecosystem that benefits everyone, and this kind of work is crucial to the fight against invasive species that overwhelm native plants species. I feel that the work that GVGT and its volunteers do plays a vital role towards this goal.
  • I enjoyed learning how to properly identify and remove invasive plant species as well as meeting new people.
  • I had a great time! It was awesome to see the GVGT in action! 🙂

Volunteers in Action

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