Ron Mclean Park June 8th, 2019

The Lower Mainland Green Team organized an invasive plant removal in partnership with the City of Burnaby and the Byrne Creek Stream Keepers Society. We had 39 volunteers participate and managed to remove a big patch of English Ivy Himalayan Blackberry, plus patches of invasive periwinkle and small-flowered-touch-me-not (Impatiens parviflora, which is in the same family as Policeman’s Helmet) ! It was a great end to Environment Week!

Thank-you to everyone for participating:

Carina, Albert, Alexander, Art, Asha, Brian, Catarina, Glenn, Ellie, Brian J, Heather, Jian, Jd, Jarick, Jun Woo , Hailong, Kristen, Brooke, Evan, Kelly, Alvina, Ly, Katarina, Michael, Chanel, Tatjana, Sarah, Sophie, Sasha & Suzie

Byrne Creek Streamkeepers: Joan, Rob, David, Jasmine, Ray, Yumi, Ray, Paul, Frank

City of Burnaby Staff: Mark and Andrew!

Our amazing volunteers, partners and collaborators!

Thank you to our in-kind sponsors for providing thank-you gifts to our volunteers: West Coast Seeds for providing seeds! Also, thank you City of Burnaby for donating Recycled tote bags and sandwich bags!

Thank you very much City of Burnaby and Byrne Creek Stream Keepers Society for partnering with the Lower Mainland Green Team. You have truly recognized the value of collaboration and partnership!


To read Byrne Creek Streamkeepers (Paul’s) blog about this activity click –> HERE


  • 39 volunteers participated and contributed 106 volunteer hours!
  • 20 volunteers had never been to Ron McClean Park before!
  • 14 volunteers had never removed invasive plants before
  • 23 cubic metres of invasive plants was removed
  • Picked up about 20 pounds of garbage, mostly out of Byrne Creek (tires, axel, cans, bottles, a tent, plastic bags, glass)
  • Brian rode his bicycle 45 mins from North Burnaby!
  • At least 10 volunteers took the skytrain
  • Burnaby school students participated
  • We came across banana slugs
  • Ivy shaped sugar cookies were eaten!
  • We had people come from Burnaby, New West, Vancouver, Surrey, Coquitlam and China!

What volunteers said:

The impact of participating was helping the community and the environment. Doing our part to impact where we live! – Alvina

The community was immediately welcoming and supportive, I got a chance to make a positive difference, and the food was great! – Sophie

Before and After Photos:

Our Volunteers in Action!

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