Ruth Johnson Park Nov 2 2019

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Thank you

City of White Rock (Steve, Vania, Sarah, Spencer and Ralph). Partnering with our charity made this activity possible and gave community members the opportunity to take care of a park and build a sense of community !


Amazing Lower Mainland Green Team volunteers:


Angelina, Bill, Check Ying, Chris, Diana, Ellie, Freya, Isabella, Jackson, Jaja, Jamie, Jennifer, Jill, Katarina, Katherine, Khali, Lara, Laura, Lexi, Louise, Luca, Lucy, Malik, Narinder, Pamela, Phi Yu, Sam, Size Wai, Stephanie, Suzie, Tatjana, Toini, Una, Wren, Zoey

 Shawn for doing an excellent planting demonstration! Highlights 

  • 36 volunteers contributed 66 hours
  • 175 trees were planted (e.g. pine, Western Hemlock, Grand Fir,  Western Red Cedar)
  • 4.5 cubic meters of invasive English Ivy was removed
  • Saved over a dozen trees from being choked out by English Ivy
  • 20 of the 36 volunteers visited Ruth Johnson park for the first time
  • 25 volunteers planted native trees for the first time
  • Some of trees got named. Some names were: Elsa (because the tree is going to make it through winter, like Elsa from Frozen!), Eight and Treely
  • 22 volunteers removed invasive plants for the first time
  • Local brownies and Girl Guides participated
  • There was a wide range of ages from older retired volunteers to 3 year olds and every age in between!
  • Yummy home made tree-shaped sugar cookies were gobbled up

What Volunteers Said


“I hadn’t realized how impactful it could be for the young kids. I assumed it would be mostly adults, but was pleasantly surprised by how involved the brownies, girl guides there were. For me, and my first event with the Lower Mainland Green Team (LMGT) it made a positive impact as I got some exercise, met new people, practiced planting on a slope, and feel like it made a tangible difference to the park area. I worked with a smile on my face and left with one too” – Jennifer “So fun! Amazing what was accomplished in a short time! We were lucky to have perfect weather. It’s a privilege to work in such a gorgeous setting. Getting close to nature is a great change from screens. This is really valuable work as our forests are vital to the health of the planet. We’ll be sure to check back to see how all the young trees do. This helps build community spirit as well.”- Jill “People get much needed connection with nature, and fulfilment from making a difference in protecting it. And the feeling is a lasting one, like facts we learn about invasive species. On top of that, we get a kick-ass exercise and sense of belonging to a community of likeminded people.”- Tatjana “I enjoyed feeling like I’ve done something good, the end result is very satisfying.” Stephanie “Loved planting trees and found pulling the ivy satisfying” Freya

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Volunteers in action & before/after photos



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