Shoreline Trail Park March 10, 2018

On March 10 2018, the Lower Mainland Green Team volunteers tackled a large site of Himalayan Blackberry and also English Ivy from Shoreline Trail Park. 


This activity was made possible by the City of Port Moody (Thank you Angela and Lesley!)


Thanks to all LMGT volunteers for making a big difference: Ranah, Art P., Lyda, Rishi, Rishan, Mihir, Kian, Glenda, Kathy, Bobbee, Regeline, Sierra, Mary, Charly, Daniel, Thadoe, Kate, Art R., Sebastian, Nancy, Brian, Riita, Spencer, William, and Brooklyn!

volunteers at Shoreline Trail Park in Port Moody

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  • In total 26 GVGT volunteers participated and contributed 78 volunteers hours
  • 10 volunteers were introduced to Shoreline Trail Park
  • 11 volunteers were introduced to removing English Ivy
  • 1 volunteer rode their bicycle all the way from Burnaby!
  • One person got pooped on by a bird (it’s good luck)
  • We had a mom and daughter team out who kicked some serious ivy butt 
  • Watershed Watch Salmon Society volunteers joined us. Check them out they’re an awesome org to volunteer with!
  • We removed 5 cubic metres of English Ivy and Himalayan Blackberry from an area measuring about 200 square metres

Quotes from volunteers who participated


Restoring natural habitat together with other volunteers helps me to feel more part of the community as well as feel a sense pride in the work we did. Fostered family relationships as I shared the experience alongside my 11 yr old daughter and hopefully taught her the importance of being a good Steward of the environment. – Regeline


I feel that the impact this program has on the local communities is massive and the work that this organization does have a huge impact on the on preserving and restoring the local habitats that have been over run by invasive species. – Rishan


I enjoyed the sense of community and team work.  It allows people to exercise and feel good about themselves and have a tangible result. – Bobbee


I really enjoyed the friendly people and making a difference in the community I live in – Kathy







Volunteers in Action 




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