Shoreline Trail Park Nov 18 2018

On November 18th on a gorgeous blue bird day, Lower Mainland Green Team with 34 volunteers removed English ivy, English holly, and laurel from Port Moody’s Shoreline Trail park, and planted 40 native species!

Thanks to everyone who participated: Doug, Julia, Art, Carol, Adrian, Grace, James, Brian, Glenda, Kevin, Aliya, Bryon, Teena, Tuam, Francis, Kirill, Leslie, Kathy, Jason, Suzie, Hannah, Jaskaran, Simar, Gorsharen, Randeep, Amrit, Joseph, and Selim. 

Thank you:

  • City of Port Moody (Angela Crampton) for partnering with our charity and providing plants to make this community event happen
  • Our hard working volunteers
  • Those who helped set up and pack up!

Volunteers at Shoreline Park !

For more photos please click HERE (more photos below!)


  • 34 volunteers contributed 74 hours
  • Pinetree Secondary school students participated!
  • We removed 10 cubic meters of English ivy, laurel, and English holly!
  • 3 trees were saved from the ivy!
  • Many volunteers used public transit and car sharing, thanks for reducing our ecological footprint!
  • 6 Children under 10 participated!
  • 25 volunteers were introduced to Shoreline Park!
  • 16 volunteers had never planted native plants before this activity, while 11 volunteers had never removed invasive plants!
  • Volunteer received vegetable seeds from BC’s West Coast Seeds , bath oil bars from LUSH, biodegradable doggy bags from Canadian company Earth Ratedand beeswax candles from Honey Candles
  • We planted 40 native shrubs and trees namely Red flowering currant, Indian plum, Sword fern, Big-leaf maple, and Baldhip rose!
  • Our volunteers joined us from Vancouver, Langley, Surrey, New Westminster, Coquitlam, and Port Moody

What some of the volunteers said:

“It gets people out in nature, which I think is vital in this day and age of cities and screens.”

“Really helps the native plants to thrive and ridding areas of ivy and other invasive plants makes the areas look so much better and healthier.”

“Connecting people with nature…..the more we experience it and know about it the more we will care for it and step up to protect it.”

“The atmosphere was incredible. People were overwhelmingly nice and welcoming.”

“It was well organized. The snacks and gift at the end were much appreciated. Being outdoors and working with a group of great people in the sunshine.”


Volunteers in Action



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