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City of Port Coquitlam (Scott and Mike) for partnering with Green Teams of Canada to make this activity possible!

École Riverside Secondary students for removing a large amount of invasive English Ivy and Himalayam Blackberry:  

Aaron, Aminat, Andrea, Ann-Marie, Anna, Ava, Ben, Brian, Caitlyn, Daniel L., Daniel M., Denise, Dustin, Gustavo, Hamza, Jake, Jenna, Jennavie, Jessica, Kate, Keira, Kelly, Marcus, Matej, Megan, Miguel, Paige, Quinton, Rachel, Reanne, Samuel, Sheri, Wyatt and Xavier

Green Teams of Canada advisor and volunteer extraordinaire Doug


  • This was our first activity in Port Coquitlam. We now officially run activities in tri-cities (Port Moody, Coquitlam and now Port Coquitlam) and are so impressed by the leadership they are showing in addressing climate change!
  • 35 volunteers contributed 84 hours
  • 6 cubic meters of invasive English Ivy, and Himalayan Blackberry canes and root crowns removed
  • Saved over a dozen trees from being choked out by English Ivy
  • 6 volunteers visited Gates Park for the first time
  • 32 volunteers removed invasive plants for the first time
  • The teachers talked about how valuable this hands-on outdoor experience was for their students. They got to work together as a team, learn about how climate change impacts them locally and make a tangible impact
  • Students made a really fun rap song about removing invasive plants
  • Yummy English Ivy shaped sugar cookies were demolished


Gates Park Oct 30th INSTAGRAM  (Himalayan Blackberry rap song & more photos)

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