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Routley Park Nov 6 2019

Published on November 7, 2019 under LMGT in Action

Thank you

Township of Langley (Eric). Partnering with our charity made this activity possible and gave youth the opportunity to learn about how climate change impacts local parks and what they can do about it!


Amazing Lower Mainland Green Team volunteers:


Adelina, Aryan, Ashley, Ava, Brea, Breanna, Brianna, Chantal, Christina, Connor, Danielle, Dean, Eden, Elta, Emma S., Emma D., Eugene, Fraser, Hayley, Jesse, Jessica, Kaden, Kai, Keelie, Keith, Louiss, Luck, Maddie, Marti, Mason, Matthew, Mia, Nathan, Owen, Reese, Robin, Sabrina, Sammy, Stephanie, Thomas, Tiana, Travis

Dorian, Alyssa and Carmen, your students were great!
Special thanks to Miki and Doug for helping supervise!
  • 47 volunteers contributed 117 hours
  • 22 cubic meters of invasive Himalayan Blackberry, Evergreen Blackberry and Morning Glory was removed! Whoa, that’s a lot.
  • 41 of the 47 volunteers visited Routley park for the first time
  • 41 volunteers removed invasive plants for the very first time!
  • Langley Secondary School participated
  • Brookswood Secondary School participated
  • One volunteer came because her daughter volunteers with the Greater Victoria Green Team!
  • Noticed a sweet moment between a teen and a ladybug (they were carefully moving it away from the work site)
  • Yummy home made invasive plant shaped sugar cookies were gobbled up


What Volunteers Said


“The before and after pictures speak volumes for the change a group of volunteers can make quite quickly. But beyond the actual physical work I was also encouraged listening to the high school students speaking about their experiences. Most had no idea about how quickly the plants grew and spread that they crowded out native species. They also felt very accomplished when they saw the impact their group had on the park. This experience was way more meaningful to them that just reading about it. So I think you now have 40 young people that will look at their natural surroundings differently and take extra care of the environment. ” – Louise
“I enjoyed being able to remove invasive species like blackberries and morning glories and digging out a bunch of roots”– Ashley
“I felt the impact of this program was to get kids away from screens and help the environment”– Carmen
“I felt the impact of this program was to help the environment become stronger, and fight whatever is against it. Very fun experience. Loved working as a team to make us more involved, and feel good.” Eden