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Cunningham Woods at UVic, August 29 2021

Published on September 1, 2021 under GVGT in Action

The Greater Victoria Green Team organized a community and environmental activity in Cunningham Woods at the University of Victoria. We tackled three invasive species including English Ivy, English Holly and Himalayan Blackberry. These species have been slowly taking over the forest habitat and have caused the loss of biodiversity. Thankfully, the GVGT community and years of student involvement prior to our GVGT activities, have been helping to save the native species! Our activity made it in Victoria News HERE


Thank-you to everyone for participating: Anika, Arianna, Chloe, Clarisse, Daniel, David, Denise, Helena, Jerry, Johanna, Kai, Kevin, Liz, Matthew, Mia, Nelson, Paul, Richard, Riho, Sara, Sarah, Una and Will!

Thank-you very much to the University of Victoria Campus Planning and Sustainability Office for partnering with us and contributing to our Green Team activities on the UVic campus and for recognizing the importance of collaboration in community engagement and ecological restoration!

Group Photo!



  • In total 23 volunteers participated and contributed 74 volunteer hours.
  • 10 volunteers were introduced to Cunningham Woods, while 7 volunteers had never removed invasive plants before!
  • We removed 12 cubic metres of invasive plants an area measuring approximately 200 square metres!
  • A reporter, Kiernan Green (great last name Kiernan!) from Victoria News, came to cover the story and wrote a great ARTICLE HERE!
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Before and After

Participants Experiences

“It was a welcoming, diverse group of people who all had the same goals. It was nice to feel that sense of community and also was a great way to do something positive for the local ecosystem. It’s an important first step to restoring the habitat, allowing native species room to grow and creating space for local plants and animals to return.”

“Meeting new people and getting rid of invasive at the same time; being outdoors and getting some good exercise!”

“I thought it was fun. I got to help the environment whilst spending time outside interacting with people.”

Volunteers in Action