Ayum Creek September 8, 2018

The Greater Victoria Green Team and The Land Conservancy of BC worked to remove re-sprouts of invasive Periwinkle and cover the site with cardboard to restore a section of the forest habitat at Ayum Creek (CRD reserve site).

Thank-you to all of the amazing people for making a big difference and participating: Alice, Alwyn, Ashley, Brian, Chloe, Christie, Connor, Daria, Lori, Melissa, Michelle, Paige and Sebastian!

Thank you to Torrey and Karen, the TLC staff for hosting us!!

To find out more about the Land Conservancy of BC and upcoming volunteer activities, head to their website here: http://conservancy.bc.ca


Our amazing community of eco-heroes!



  • 15 volunteers were engaged (13 GVGT volunteers), and contributed 59 volunteer hours (51 GVGT hours)
  • 12 of the volunteers had never been to Ayum Creek before
  • 12 of the volunteers had never removed Periwinkle before!
  • We covered an area measuring approx. 300 square metres with cardboard
  • Out of 13 GVGT volunteers, 11 people were new volunteers!! Welcome aboard!

What volunteers said

“Meeting new people was probably the best part. Everyone was so friendly!”

“I enjoyed the beautiful view in the forest, and learned something new about how to protect the environment.”

“I think it’s a huge task you’ve taken on, but a very important one. The impact is huge in that it not only helps our environment, but it teaches all of the volunteers to appreciate and respect our surroundings more. That kind of lesson ends up rippling through communities.”


Before and After photos




Volunteers in Action


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