Mount Matheson August 5, 2018

The Greater Victoria Green Team and Habitat Acquisition Trust spent the day removing Scotch Broom, having a delicious lunch and swimming in a “secret” lake! We managed to remove lots of isolated patches of Scotch Broom around the beautiful Mount Matheson site! 

Thank-you to all of the amazing people for making a big difference and participating: Helena, Conway, Lori, John B., John C., Joanna, Cathie, Braeden, Marjorie, Dana, Matteus, and Jory! Also the HAT volunteer Dennis!! 

Thank you to Wendy, Paige and Liam from HAT for helping organize and host a spectacular event! We love our partnership!

To join other HAT events, you can head to their website here: Habitat Acquisition Trust, or email, or call  250-995-2428. They have amazing opportunities across the CRD!

Our next partnered event with HAT is on September 23 at Mount Matheson again! Sign-up HERE to participate (space is going to fill up quickly!)

A big thank you to the Habitat Acquisition Trust for believing in the power of collaboration and partnership! By working together, we can achieve so much more! 

Our amazing community of eco-heroes!



  • 18 volunteers and staff were engaged (12 GVGT volunteers) and contributed 55 volunteer hours (37 GVGT hours) 
  • 12 of the GVGT volunteers had never been to this property before
  • 4 of the volunteers had never removed Scotch Broom before!
  • We removed 2 cubic metres of invasive Scotch Broom
  • 4 volunteers were brand new to volunteering with the Greater Victoria Green Team. Welcome to John B, Dana, Matteus, and Joanna! Hope to see you again soon!


Feedback from volunteers

“The work that the Green Team puts in is great and provides many benefits to our local ecosystems. Also, the community that is created from events is wonderful.”

“I particularly enjoyed this event as our Greater Victoria Green Team collaborated with Habitat Acquisition Trust with bringing volunteers together to remove invasive Scotch Broom from an area that recently was documented to have various native species. The almost immediate feeling of comradery was evident with how all of us participated easily as a group.”

“Other than the obvious-clearing out invasive plants….programs like this promote a sense of community and bring together diverse but like minded people.”


Volunteers in Action 


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