Cougar Creek Delta June 2, 2018

On June 2nd, during a warm and sunny morning, the Lower Mainland Green TeamCougar Creek Streamkeepers (thank you Deb and Ib!!) and 9th Surdel scouts tackled Himalayan Blackberry and Policeman’s Helmet at Cougar Creek in Delta.

This activity was made possible by the City of Delta – thank you Kevin and Erin!

Thanks to everyone who participated: Kelly, Faye, Julie, Ashton, Shiyang, Nathan, Cynthia, Samantha, Dorothy P., Matteo, Suzie, Shyam, Brian, Deb, Ib, Al, Gwen, Dorothy, Carol, Sylvia + 12 9th Surdel Scouts (led by Scott and Rachel)

Volunteers at Cougar Creek in Delta

Scout volunteers at Cougar Creek

For more photos please click HERE


  • In total, 33 of us contributed 75 hours
  • We ate yummy homemade peanut butter chocolate chip squares
  • One of our volunteers, Brian, rode his bicycle all the way from Burnaby
  • Over a dozen trees were rescued from Himalayan Blackberry shading them out!
  • We found interesting items in the Himalayan Blackberry bushes, including a lawn chair
  • We spotted multiple creatures including frogs, snails, and caddis flies!
  • We removed 12 cubic metres of Himalayan Blackberry and Policeman’s Helmet
  • North Delta Reporter has a VIDEO of all of us in action and Deb (Cougar Creek Streamkeepers) does an awesome job talking about the value of the work the volunteers did to salmon habitat. Check it out by clicking HERE

What Volunteers Said

This program not only raises awareness about environmental concerns, such as invasive species, but allows for people to become hands on and actually initiate change. Overall, it leaves a positive impact on the community and it’s ecosystems and increases peoples sense of environmental awareness. This program creates opportunities for people to give back to the environment by supplying knowledge and supplies to make a difference!Ashton Kerr

I enjoyed a good workout while helping to keep our neighbourhood healthy and growing! Dorothy Peterson



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