North Saanich Strata May 27, 2018

Invasive Species Month in BC! 

In total, 15 volunteers with the Greater Victoria Green Team contributed a total of 60 volunteer hours removing invasive English Ivy, Daphne, Japanese Honeysuckle and Holly from the forest around the North Saanich Strata! 

Thank-you to all of the amazing people for making a big difference and participating: Ricky, Helena, Conway, Daniel, Dave, Phaedra, Jason, Kai, Maggie, Duncan, Anaelle, Court, Ryan, Chris and Mitchell!

A big thank you North Saanich Strata for supporting community engagement in your area! Also, thank you for feeding us a delicious BBQ. Your funding made it possible for us to engage community AND restore the environment! Thank you!

Our amazing community of eco-heroes!



  • 15 volunteers were engaged and contributed 60 volunteer hours 
  • 12 of the volunteers had never been to this forest before
  • 7 of the volunteers had never removed English Ivy before!
  • We removed 5 cubic metres of invasive plants
  • We revitalized an area measuring approx. 300 square metres
  • This was our third GVGT activity in N. Saanich forest. Read the reports from our previous activities:

Before and After photo


Volunteers in Action 


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