Esquimalt Gorge Park November 7th, 2020

On Saturday, November 7th the Greater Victoria Green Team gathered at Esquimalt Gorge Park to engage in a covid-safe outdoor activity with their community. We spent the day planting native and daffodil bulbs and removing invasive species threatening native species. The day was sunny and the allure of planting attracted ten new volunteers! Our efforts were led by Esquimalt’s Manager of Parks and Facilities Rick Daykin and park arborists Eric and Otto, and gardeners Mike and Chelsea. Together our 57 volunteers planted 88 trees including Big Leaf Maple, Shore Pine, Douglas Fir, Bitter Cherry, Garry Oak, and Snow Berry and 200 daffodil bulbs. We also removed 5 cubic meters of invasive Himalayan Blackberry and English Ivy.


Thank you to our volunteers: Alyssa, Anu, Alycia, Audrey, Barb, Brandy, Parker, Piper, Rosanna, Charlie, Clint, Courtney, Susanne, David, Finola, Karen, Robyn, Josiah, Grace, Guy, Jorge, Junaid, Jamie, Jessica, Kathleen, Kim, Mieka, Teja, Kristyn, Lauren, Lily, Lisa, Mackenzie, Maddy, Maegan, Tina, Megan, Nicholas, Oscar, Myriam, Peter, Ralph, Carmina, Sara, Raven, Richard, Robb, Sandra, Susanne, Tiago, Chloe, Tracy, Tuma, Tyson, Valerie B, Valerie L, and Zenen.

Thank you to the Township of Esquimalt for continuing to support and contribute to GVGT programs and for facilitating this incredible opportunity for community members to get into nature and connect with the land and each other!

Photo Albums from the day are found here: 1st Session & 2nd Session

Group Photos!


  • 10 new volunteers joined our ranks!
  • Volunteers planted 88 trees and 200 bulbs!
  • 22 people were introduced to Esquimalt Gorge Park and 19 people had never planted native trees!
  • Volunteers reported feeling welcomed and appreciated as well as safe and left feeling accomplished.
  • We were able to have fun and connect with one another in a covid safe way!

Participant Quotes

The Green Team is an exciting program. It has tangible and valuable contributions to community and the environment. It is very exciting that they are hoping to expand across the country. I enjoyed feeling a sense of accomplishment, having a physical task to do, contributing to the environment and chatting with a couple of people. Emily is very welcoming and the park staff are warm, helpful and appreciative.

This program helps me heal part of my colonial past (and present) by removing invasive European species and planting native trees. It feels good to give back to the land and help restore some of the damage that was done to the ecosystem when settlers came here over a 120 years ago. The restoration program provides a powerful opportunity to bring positive changes to the environment and the community, and it feels incredibly satisfying and fun to do so as a group/team. Wonderful program, much needed!!

The Greater Victoria Green Team brings community together with the common goal of healing an environment that has been abused. What this program can do is play a part in the fight against climate change so that current and future generations can better thrive. It also represents an opportunity to educate members of the public on the very land they live on.

This program is particularly important during COVID. It supports people’s mental and physical health by getting people outside exercising in fresh air when so many are working from home and maybe don’t have an active commute (biking, walking). It also contributes to the positive feeling of making a difference when so much feels overwhelming and out of our control. It also connect people who live alone to others in their community.

I enjoyed the chance to make a difference in my community!

Volunteers in Action


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