Terra Nova Park November 7th 2020

On Saturday, November 7th the Lower Mainland Green Team gathered at Terra Nova Park to remove invasive Himalayan Blackberry that was surrounding native trees and encroaching on one of the main trails. We had 30 volunteers over a span of two sessions remove 5 cubic meters of invasive Himalayan Blackberry. Of this group, 17 were introduced to Terra Nova Park for the first time, and 19 were new to removing invasive species.

Two volunteers rode their bikes, and we had large number of students from Richmond High join us. We also saw a large heron, rabbits, and a number of planes landing at the Vancouver Airport nearby!


Thank you to our volunteers: Steffen, Pamela, Emily, Doug, Ray, Eli, Beatriz, Steven, Lillian, Larry, Shawn, Stacey, Francis, Brian, Rachel, Ashley, Melody, Fonse, Kate, Julissa, Johanna, Kelly, Soo Choon, Amanda, Trudy, Rachel, William, Jiwon, Brian, and John!

Thank you to the City of Richmond for facilitating this incredible opportunity for community members to be apart of!

Photo Albums from the day are found here: 1st Session & 2nd Session

Group Photos!


  • In total 30 LMGT volunteers came out to remove 5 cubic meters of invasive Himalayan Blacberry
  • 17 people were introduced to Terra Nova Park and 19 people had never removed invasie Blackberry
  • Thank you to our in-kind sponsors who donated thank you gifts to our community: EarthRated dog poop bags, lip chap from Green Beaver and West Coast Seeds.

Participant Quotes

I think the impact is great because helping preserve parks for the community is good. It feels nice helping to remove invasive species to save other plants and it is pretty easy to volunteer.

Removing invasive species was new for me, so it was an enjoyable experience to take and pull them out of the ground.

It’s very nice to get to hang out with friends in such a natural environment. Doing this volunteering makes me feel that I have been spending my time on something meaningful, I definitely want to volunteer more.

This program helps me understand how nice it is to do something that you know is helping nature. This was my first time volunteering and the experience has been great. I would love to volunteer more.

I enjoyed how the organizer stated the purpose of removing invasive plants and how she reiterated that small deeds count and play a fundamental role in contributing to a whole. This gave me a sense of accomplishment, under which I was able to help to sustain the environment.

Before and After Photos

Volunteers in Action


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