Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site February 3, 2018

On February 3, the Greater Victoria Green Team organized the first volunteer event of 2018 at Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site (in collaboration with the team at FRH). 42 volunteers and staff spent the day removing invasive Daphne and some blackberry from the unique coastal habitat! For lunch we enjoyed pizza curtesy of Fort Rodd Hill!! 

Thanks to everyone for volunteering: Nicole, Anmol, Catherine, Cathie, Cathie, Chris, Conway, Cynthia, Gavin, Harvir, Jaden, Jason, Jeremy, Julia, Joseph, Lara, Macca, Mack, Marg, Max, Metta, Craig, Michael, Mikiya, Remi, Taylor, Troy, Veronica, Karen, Elena, Justina and Julian. 

Thank you to Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site for hosting us! To volunteer with FRH, please visit their WEBSITE HERE

  • In total 32 GVGT volunteers participated (40 in total), and contributed 134 volunteers hours
  • 19 volunteers had never been to Fort Rodd Hill before
  • 15 volunteers had never removed Spurge-laurel before
  • We removed 40 cubic metres of invasive plants
  • We removed the invasive plants from an area measuring approximately 500 square metres

To look at our photo album full of photos from this activity please click HERE



Before and After photos






Volunteers in Action




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