Portage Park February 8 and 9 2018

On February 8 and 9, the Greater Victoria Green Team co-organized a large youth-focused activity in Portage Park. Over 300 students from View Royal Elementary, teachers and parents, as well as volunteers from View Royal and Benevity came together to revitalize a portion of the park! 

Thanks to all of the teachers, parents and students from View Royal Elementary for participating! Thanks to all of the GVGT volunteers for making a big difference those days as well! Anna W, Cathie, Anna, Henry, Andrew, Andrew M., Martin, and the Benevity Crew: Amy, Noriko, Jake and Christophe

A HUGE thank you to the Town of View Royal for your continual support and funding to allow these activities to continue! Thank you to Chris Junck for helping organize and collaborate!

To volunteer with the Town of View Royal please email Chris at restorevr@gmail.com or visit the WEBSITE HERE


  • In total 302 students from View Royal Elementary, 21 parents and teachers, and 11 GVGT volunteers participated and contributed 354 volunteers hours
  • 25% of the participants were introduced to Portage Park
  • 68% of the participants were introduced to removing English Ivy
  • We removed 10 cubic metres of English Ivy from the park!
  • We removed the invasive plants from an area measuring approximately 500 square metres
  • Goldstream News Gazette’s article: “Green Team program encourages students to be stewards of the environment”

To look at our photo album full of photos from this activity please click HERE (for February 8)  and HERE (for Feb. 9)


Before and After photos






Volunteers in Action 


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