Fort to Fort Trail, March 25, 2018

On March 25, 2018, the Lower Mainland Green Team  tackled thickets of the invasive species Himalayan Blackberry along the Fort to Fort Trial in Langley.


This activity was made possible by the Township of Langley and the Bedford Landing Citizens Group. A big thank you to Eric and Michael for making this event happen! 


Thanks to all LMGT volunteers for making a big difference: Kristina, Jordan, Hunter, Wes, Tara, Francis, Laura, Chelsey, Aaron, Wendy, Mihir, Shawn, Michael, Marc, Michelle, Kim, Rishan, Josh, Danielle, Terri, Darlene, Brian, Chelsey, and Lyda!

Volunteers at Fort to Fort Trail event

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  • 24 LMGT volunteers participated for a total of 70 hours of work
  • 11 volunteers had never been to the Fort to Fort trail before
  • 7 volunteers had never removed Himalayan Blackberry before
  • Removed 12 cubic meters of blackberry, mostly its root system
  • Volunteers worked through a small hailstorm!
  • We spotted what looked like an American Goldfinch and an Anna’s Hummingbird
  • We ate yummy homemade chocolate chip cookies and mini muffins for snacks!
  • Brian rode his bicycle all the way from Burnaby!
  • One volunteer brought out a delicious cake, which was finished up in 3 minutes flat
  • Lelam’ Arts and Cultural Cafe donated for our activity – thank you Lelam’!


What volunteers said:

love meeting new people and reconnecting with others. As the trail is a high traffic area we got to hear immediately how much people appreciated the work we were doing – Kristina


It was awesome to see how in just a few hours we could do so much! – Tara


The impact is connecting communities and good for the environment – Joshua







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