Knockan Hill Park, March 17 2018

The Greater Victoria Green Team spent another sunny Saturday helping restore nature in our region! This time we cleared out Daphne, Blackberry, Ivy and Broom from the beautiful Garry Oak habitat at Knockan Hill Park. 

Thank you to Nancy, Doris and the other amazing Friends of Knockan Hill Park for your amazing work taking care of this park! Thank you to Chris Junck for hosting the Green Team and other volunteers, plus getting all of the yummy food!!!

The Friends of Knockan Hill Park meet regularly. To join their efforts again, you can find out more on the Friends of Knockan Hill website here! 

A big thank you to the Town of View Royal for partnering with us and supporting our efforts in View Royal through funding! 

Thanks to all GVGT and HAT volunteers for making a big difference: Conway, Derek, Chris, Helena, Jory, Andrew, Adam, Erin, Iris, Kari and Karen.  

Our group photo from the day!





  • 20 volunteers participated (11 GVGT volunteers who contributed 40 volunteer hours)
  • 8 GVGT volunteers were introduced to Knockan Hill Park! 
  • We removed 16 cubic metres of invasive plants including Himalayan Blackberry, Scotch Broom, Daphne and Ivy! 
  • 3 volunteers came from Saanich, 4 from Victoria, 1 came from Colwood, 1 from View Royal, and  1 from Oak Bay
  • We removed the invasive plants from an area measuring approximately 400 square metres
  • Some of the native plants that we saw beginning to bloom included Indian-plum, White Fawn Lily and Camas shoots.

What volunteers said:

By increasing the beauty of our parks, and preserving the ecosystem of the island, we are essentially not only making for better tourism return rates and improvement on nearby property values, but even better – we are inspiring the new generations to do the same, to protect what will be inherited. The impact is massive, and you can literally see the difference. – Andrew


I enjoyed many aspects of volunteering with the Greater Victoria Green Team most especially a feeling of contentment being out in nature participating with a diverse, engaging and interesting group of people doing something positive. – Helena



Before and After photo



Volunteers in Action 


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