Lund Protection Area Feb 3, 2019

The Greater Victoria Green Team worked to remove 11 cubic metres of invasive Daphne and Blackberry from Lund Road Protection Area in View Royal!

Thank-you to everyone who participated: Anne, Annie, Candice, Cedar, Conway, Daniela, Jeremy, Jesse, Chris, Matthew, Moraine, Nahele, Nathan and Simon.

Thank you to Volunteer View Royal and the park stewards of Lund Road for all of your work restoring local habitat! To join the ongoing efforts, please head to Volunteer View Royal FACEBOOK PAGE here. You can also email Chris here:

Thank you very much to the Town of View Royal for funding this activity and other Green Team volunteer activities in View Royal this year!

Thank you to our in-kind sponsors for providing thank you gifts to our volunteers: LUSH Cosmetics for providing great bath items, Camino Chocolate for providing chocolate. Plus our granola bars were donated by the awesome Nature’s Path



  • 14 GVGT volunteers participated and contributed 37 volunteer hours
  • 14 volunteers had never been to Lund Protection Area before
  • 11 of the volunteers were introduced to removing Daphne
  • We removed approximately 11 cubic metres of invasive plants and revitalized an area measuring approx. 250 square metres

What participants said about their experience

I really feel this program helps people appreciate parks they may have never been to and to see the important of how we can have a positive impact on our environments.

Being able to work together as a team to improve our ecosystem. I like that our kids got to participate, they really enjoyed it.

The sun on my back, the smell of the forest, and the sense of accomplishment by filling the big disposal bag and saving the world one blackberry cane at a time.

Before and After photos








Volunteers in Action

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