Macaulay Point Park May 4, 2019

The Greater Victoria Green Team and Esquimalt Branch Out program organized a massive volunteer event at Macaulay Point Park where 45 volunteers participated and removed 25 cubic metres of invasive plants! Way to go!

Thank-you to everyone for participating: Alden, Andre, Ashley, Barbara, Benjamin, Clark, Dawn, Erik, Grace, Iris, Jason, Jim, Jimin, Joanna, Joey, Josiah, K Goa, Kevin, Kirsty, Lris, Lori, Nan, Nicole, Noel, Penghui, Rebecca, Robyn, Rosetta, Samuel, Seowoong, Shenxuan, Simon, Sloane, Sophie, Xinmiao, Yuxuan, Yolande, Yumeng, and Yuqi!

Thank you very much to the Township of Esquimalt for partnering with the Green Teams. Thank you for recognizing the importance of collaboration and partnership! Your support made it all possible.

Thank you to our in-kind sponsors for providing thank-you gifts to our volunteers: West Coast Seeds for providing veggie and flower seeds and LUSH for providing lots of goodies! Plus our granola bars were donated by the awesome Nature’s Path



  • 45 volunteers participated and contributed 130 volunteer hours!
  • 36 had never been to Macaulay Point Park before our GVGT activity!
  • 30 of the volunteers were introduced to removing Scotch Broom / blackberry!
  • We removed 25 cubic metres of Scotch Broom, Himalayan Blackberry and Daphne from an area measuring approximately 450 square metres!
  • This was our 4th GVGT volunteer activity at Macaulay Point Park. Read prev. reports here:

What participants said about their experience

I was thrilled to see the mountain of broom that 10 volunteers removed.

Very impactful. Especially as we could see the previous areas the Green Team cleared were still free of blackberry and broom and camas was now there instead

I loved that we were helping the environment that my kids and I have enjoyed recreationally on numerous occasions. I loved that both my little kids and I could participate and learn too…there was all around inclusion and something for everyone

Before and After photos







Last year we removed Broom and blackberry from a hill that is now covered with native Camas and Spring gold! This is what inspiration looks like!


Volunteers in Action

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