Nelson Creek May 10, 2019

On May 10, 2019, Lower Mainland Green Team volunteers removed Himalayan Blackberry roots and garbage from the banks of Nelson Creek in Coquitlam. Removing Himalayan Blackberry roots is a big challenge – it took a lot of hard work and persistence to dig the big ones out.


This activity was made possible by the City of Coquitlam (Elise, Brad and Caresse). Check out and join their Bad Seed Program. Thank you!


Special thanks to Doug and Brian our superstar LMGT volunteers. They removed a lot of garbage before the event, and cleaned the shovels and packed up all the equipment at the end. Amazing! 


Thank you to all the volunteers for their efforts: Blessing, Brian, Ceana, Christine, Conrad, Dana, Daniel, Doug, Emma, Emmalee, Evan, Gael, Georgia, Giorgia, Hope, Jacob, Jasmine, Jillian, Julez, Lewis, Lily, Maddy, Matthew, Myrrhanda, Natasha, Nate, Owen, Rhyan, Sam, Shailyn, Shelton, Tanthai, Teresa, Vienna, Yasmine. You made a difference!



  • 35 volunteers participated and contributed 72 hours
  • We removed about 3 cubic metres of Himalayan Blackberry roots. This is a lot of roots! We had a contest to see who could remove the biggest root system. Dana won!
  • We removed 1 garbage bag full of garbage, about 20 pounds. This included a $5 bill (may have ended up in a pocket, not the garbage bag), a hair brush, a knife, a fake apple, and a license plate with a renewal sticker for 1989.
  • Most of the volunteers were from École Maillard Middle School – and they walked to the event from school (about 2 kilometers each way!)
  • Brian cycled to the event from north Burnaby!
  • We broke in some brand new gloves donated by Watson Gloves

Check out all the event photos by clicking here.

Before and After Photos:

Digging revealed some interesting garbage!

Volunteers in Action:

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